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HOW do we make it

Where does it all start?

Where does it all start? With a drawing, of course! A sketch or a photograph is a matter of taste! As a rule, the motifs for the prints are drawn by Olivia, sometimes I help her with my additions, and sometimes I come up with something myself. 

I do the prints by silkscreen. It is a stencil print done on frames, on which the future print is shown with a photo emulsion. 

The work is quite time-consuming and takes several hours. And the frames take a few days to prepare. The development process takes place under a special lamp and then the picture is washed with water. When everything is ready, you can print!

We use label-free, solvent-free, almost odor-free and non-toxic water-based inks that are manufactured according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

fut-kidswear/workflow/at the printing mashine printing the red sweatshirt

Usually these are graphic prints, we love graphics! If you choose a print to order, we can print any color (under "Prints"you can choose and order a print or request your own print), but we also print two or three-color prints with a transition from one color to another on our products.


After printing, the product is dried and hot-air blown, so that the dyes are fixed and they are not affected by washing and ironing.

When purchasing, you can read all the necessary information on care, reminder: our organic cotton products should preferably be washed at 30 degrees and ironed at minimum temperatures.

Always follow the care instructions and our products will last you a long time. Even after 30-40 washings, the prints will retain their original appearance.

In the world of modern technology and progress, and especially the development of artificial intelligence, I want to preserve, what may soon be amazing and unique in nature.


We're not standing still, we're evolving, and

some computers and technology help us create prints and make it faster and more interesting, but nothing can compare to the manual labor for the artist himself. What's important to me is the feeling I get when I create a new product. They fill me with strength and creativity, which I'm happy to pass on to you and that's makes our work unique!

WHAT makes our work unique?

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Fut-kidswear/Workflow/order/graphic inscription/picture with question


You can print prints digitally, but in our creative concept, work done by hand and with soul, it does not fit very well.

When a print is made individually, even if you reprint the same pattern, you never get a copy of the previous one. That's what silkscreening does.  And that's valuable to us!

After all, our client gets a unique thing made especially for

him! The eco-creative story begins here...

WHY Silkscreening?

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