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If you want to be nice-be nice!

But you don't need to be nice for everyone.

Just know, you are perfect as you are,

because nobody exists like you in second version.

Make your own way and you finally get it!

  Funny Unique T-shirts

fut-kidswear/about us/cotton and eucalyptus/p

Our story


We would like to tell you our story. My name is Polina and my daughters name is Olivia.

Our FUT Project is a Team of me and her founded in 2021. Her passion for drawings and my desire to keep her drawings on children’s clothes led to the idea of creating a project. We care about the problems of ecology in the world, that’s why FUT.kidswear combines hand-made silkscreened designed prints, using  eco-friendly dyes and organic materials such as bio-cotton from wich we make our children’s basic clothes. 

Our life is full of surprises. One day when we had to stay home because of the pandemic imposed due to Covid, i was of course bored and did not know what to do. Olivia was drawing a lot at that time and her favorites were the unusual funny characters. She named one of them FUT, and my mother-in-law offered to hum it on her T-shirt. The idea is simple enough, but all great things begin with the simple as you know, isn't it?

The night after, I thought long and hard about it and realized it could be an interesting project, and my daughter got very involved afterwards.

It didn't take long to find the name, because Olivia came up with it!

FUT-Funny Unique T-shirts, by its first letters.

And it really started with t-shirts!

WHERE do we get ideas for our prints?

From playing together, creating together, and being extremely observant! A print can be a sketch, a drawing, or a photo taken on vacation.

Fut-kidswear/About us/Our story/paper and rose
Fut-kidswear/About us/Our story/kids picture




The most important thing of every brand is the philosophy.

We are for reasonable consumption and ecology on the planet, for quality goods and for reasonable choice.

We know that life is a moment, a moment to live in pleasure! There is no time for boredom, tasteless food, not kind people and low-quality things. That's why we want to make this world a little brighter and kinder!

We look forward to make children happy and smiling!

Good for a child’s skin, good for our planet.

Save the Planet!


Now we offer kids T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, small cosmetic bags and Bini hats.

Made from 95% organic cotton + 5% elastane, ideal for the sensitive skin of the children from 3 to 12 years old. I print posters and postcards also.

We use label-free, solvent-free, almost odor-free and non-toxic water-based inks that are manufactured according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

WHY organic cotton?

And there is not a trend! Cotton is a very water-intensive plant,

but there is organic cotton, its share in world production is very small, only 1%.

To produce organic cotton uses less water.

When choosing our textiles and colors, we pay attention to quality, sustainability and durability. 

All products are sewn in one studio in Berlin. I do all the screen printing afterwards.

Each item is individually hand-printed and packaged with love and care.

WHAT else is important to us is the packaging.

We do not use plastic packaging for our products!

It is only cardboard, silk paper, raffia and composite biodegradable material for bags.

FUT for the FUTure

BE Special
BE FUTure!

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